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Accepted Forms of Payment:

Credit Card

  • OHModern.com accepts Visa and Mastercard.
  • American Express is not accepted when ordering through the cart on our website. However, Amex payments can be accepted for phone orders that are shipping to your confirmed billing address. This is due to a limited credit card verification process offered by Amex. If you are paying with an Amex card, we cannot ship to any address other than your billing address. Please call 1-855-838-1308  to place an order using Amex.
  • OHModern.com does not accept prepaid debit or credit cards.


  • OHModern.com accepts Paypal payments from 'confirmed' addresses only. Please confirm your address with Paypal before making payment. We must ship to your confirmed address in order to comply with Paypal's Seller Protection Policy.

When will your Credit Card be charged?

  • OHModern.com processes payment in full on the date that your order is submitted to us. 
  • We require a minimum 50% deposit for order processing. If you are uncomfortable with paying in full at the time of purchase, please leave a comment on your order to "only process a 50% deposit". The remaining 50% balance will then be processed before your order leaves our warehouse.
  • Paypal, Wire Transfer or EMT payments must be made in full on the date that your order is placed with us.

Credit Card Verification:

  • OHModern.com works diligently to protect our customers and our business against credit card fraud, and we take great measures to do so.
  • When placing an order with us, it's crutially import that the billing address you provide matches with the address on your credit card statements. If your billing address does not match up during the verification process, one of our helpful staff members will be in touch with you to confirm your address.
  • If you are shipping to an address that differs from your billing address, we may call your verified billing phone number to confirm the shipping address with you. Again, this done for the protection of our customers.